The Iran Deal Explained

Whether it lasts and how history will regard it remain to be seen, but the nuclear agreement promises to have a sweeping impact on both the citizens of Iran and potentially the geopolitics of the entire Middle East.

What does the deal entail though? Now of course not everyone is going to go through the entire 160 page text so we’ve decided to break it down for readers in a short read,

nuc3A month ago on July 14 Iran and six other world powers emerged from Vienna announcing the historical nuclear deal has been achieved. President Obama announced that “every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off,” but how?


  • A resource used for nuclear fuel for power plants
  • Iran must give up 97% of its enriched uranium (leaving a mere 10,000 to 300 kg stockpile) iranDeal_graphics_4_dealorNoDeal


  • Uranium comes in different levels of enrichment
  • Iran can only have it’s enrichment up to 3.67% 
    • Weapons grade uranium is enriched to 90%, which is no where near Iran’s 3.67%


  • Iran will give up most of its centrifuges going from 20,000 to 5,000 centrifuges spinning fissile material
    • plus an additional 1,000 limited to research only


  • Extremely secure examinations by the IAEA to make sure Iran is adhering to the rules
    • Arms control analyst stated “if Iran cheated there was almost a 100% chance that they would be caught” by these inspections


Now what does Iran get out of this deal after accepting all of these terms?


  • Sanctions cut off Iran’s economy from the outside world (cut off from international banking, international finance, Western companies etc.)
  • deal provides relief from these economic sanctions that have been crippling its economy
    • affects both the state and the people of Iran
    • provides chance for Iran to recover and have a real economy

Iran knows what it’s doing going into this. They know the consequences if they screw up here, and the provisions are very tight, the inspection regime is very robust. The likelihood of getting caught is near 100 percent.

The consequences are far more than just having your sites bombed. It’s that they will have reneged on the agreement that basically the whole world supports, except for the Republicans and the Israelis and the Saudis. Not only that, their entire economy would become isolated once more which not only puts the government in a tight place, but also the 7 million people living in Iran.


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